MDI modified epoxyresins, DOPO modified epoxy resins, high bromine epoxy resins, BPA type phenolic epoxy resins, phosphorus-containing hardeners

Which are used in electronic potting adhesive, composite substrate/metal substrate copper-coated plate, paint, ink, adhesive and other fields

The thickness of the anti-corrosion coating has a direct relationship with the anti-corrosion effect, especially the heavy anti-corrosion coating in the harsh corrosion environment, must reach a certain dry film thickness. For this purpose, it is oftennecessary to have multiple coats, the main reason is that usually each coat cannot be too thick.

The advantage of multiple coatings is that each layer covers the defect area with each other. Because the probability of defects occurring in the same specific part of the coating is extremely low, multiple coatings ensure the anti-corrosion effect of the entire coating system.

Epoxy base coating, epoxy zinc-rich base coating, epoxy coal asphalt anticorrosive coating, pervinyl chloride anticorrosive coating, epoxy cloud iron intermediate coating. Polyurethane anticorrosive coating

Epoxy resin has excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, cohesiveness, dielectric property, mechanical properties and small shrinkage rate, chemical resistance, after adding curing agent has better processability and operability. Therefore, at present, semiconductor devices at home and abroad are more packaged with epoxy resin.

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