How to choose the color of furniture water-based paint?

Home is a warm and comfortable place, the style and color of the furniture also shows the owner’s hobbies, personality and taste, especially now the younger generation is no longer limited to simple black, white and gray, the choice of furniture water-based paint color shows diversification. Water-based paint not only plays a role in protecting furniture, but also increases the ornamental nature of furniture.


The choice of water-based paint colors for furniture follows several general principles:

  1. The color of the water-based paint harmonizes with the shape of the furniture;
  2. The color of the water-based paint of the furniture matches the daylighting of the room;
  3. The color of the water-based paint of the furniture matches the age, hobbies and personality of the owner;
  4. Choose the color of water-based paint according to the purpose of the furniture.


We can choose the right furniture water-based paint color according to these principles combined with the overall home decoration design style. Below is a list of some colors and the characteristics of the atmosphere they create for your reference.


Black and white gray

Black, white and gray is a timeless classic color, and it is also a color that cannot be wrong, presenting a rational and simple style, which is quite popular with men.


Girly powder

Pink gives a soft, cute feeling, and pink furniture hits the girly heart of ladies.


Sky blue

Blue makes people feel clear, clear and refreshed, and the blue furniture paint creates an elegant and tranquil style.


Fresh green

Green fresh and natural and healthy for the eyes, it has the effect of relieving fatigue and eliminating negative emotions.


Passion Red

Red is enthusiastic and unrestrained, with good visual effect and visual impact.


Vital orange

Orange is bright and vibrant, which is a favorite color of young people, in line with the vitality of young people.


Romantic purple

Purple is gentle and romantic, enchanting and lively, with a hint of exotic water-based lacquer.


Haisun furniture water-based paint is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, but also can be adjusted according to different colors. Even if you don’t like the current furniture color, you can change it at any time, directly add water to dilute it can easily DIY renovation and color change, non-toxic, harmless and odorless, the furniture can be used after it is completely dry.

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