Now young people, why do they choose water-based wood paint coated “health furniture”?

Following goji berry health and punk health, young people have new favorites, “furniture health” to understand. Furniture made of high-quality wood is real with health preservation functions, such as mahogany, camphor, teak and other furniture wood hard, smooth and delicate touch, people and wood contact when the temperature of the four seasons is similar, some wood is rich in “Fendorin”, can emit a cheerful aroma, these gases can kill bacteria and insects, purify indoor air, soothe nerves, produce health care functions beneficial to human health. But pay attention, if you are not careful, you may buy “pseudo-health furniture”, breathing not Fendorin but harmful paint smell! Wellness furniture is not healthy? How can the young generation, who is known for being picky, endure that their health furniture is not brushed with healthy and environmentally friendly water-based wood paint?!

Solid wood furniture painted with paint is “pseudo-health furniture”. As we all know, oil-based paint uses organic solvents as thinners to volatilize a large number of VOCs. VOCs are a kind of “volatile organic compounds”, which can be described as invisible killers of household environmental pollution. After ventilation, the pungent odor will fade, but it does not mean that VOCs no longer exist, and it will still slowly release and volatilize for several years or even more than ten years. VOCs are extremely harmful to the human body, easily induce respiratory diseases, irritate the nasal mucosa, eye mucosa, respiratory system and digestive system, dizziness, headache, chest tightness, loss of appetite and other symptoms, severe cases will damage the human liver and hematopoietic system, and even cause death. This kind of “pseudo-health furniture” is really not healthy at all.

How can I choose a genuine “health furniture”? Look for waterborne wood paint!

Waterborne wood paint does not contain VOCs, is diluted with clean water, only volatilizes water vapor into the air, and has zero pollution to the home environment; No irritating odor, no damage to human organs and immune system, non-toxic and harmless, 0 harm to the human body. Healthy and environmentally friendly water-based wood paint with high-quality solid wood furniture is the real “health furniture” and the real function of health preservation.

Now young people, health care is serious. Haisun waterborne wood paint has passed the national environmental assessment standard, focusing on the research and development of healthy and environmentally friendly waterborne wood paint, which is the best choice for high-end health furniture!

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