Quick drying water-based paint breaks the pain point of “oil to water” one by one!

Under the general trend of environmental protection, when the epidemic is fighting, “health is the only” has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, without health everything is empty talk, unhealthy products are also exempt from talk. However, a series of pain points faced by “oil to water” made furniture factories hesitate, and the innovation of fast-drying water-based paint attacked and broke the pain points of “oil to water” one by one.


Pain point 1: water-based paint is easy to swell and yellow

Since water-based paint is diluted with water as a solvent, when water-based paint is sprayed on the surface of wood, the wood fibers on the surface will absorb water and expand, and organic substances such as tannins in the wood will slowly overflow the surface of the paint film and cause yellowing.

Therefore, the process of sealing is very important, fast-drying water-based paint strong sealing anti-swelling ribs, sealing tannins do not change yellow, from the bottom layer to solve the problem of swelling tendons yellowing. With a good primer, there is also a good topcoat, fast drying water-based paint with high solid content, good filling, plump and tough paint film, high adhesion, and no need to grind between roller coatings.


Pain point 2: water-based paint dries slowly

Ordinary water-based paint coating furniture factories have to dry for at least 168 hours before shipping, which seriously affects production efficiency.

Fast drying water-based paint unique fast drying patent technology, with 5G fast drying line, coating drying integrated operation, after the fast drying line of the workpiece does not deform, after 3 minutes of drying can be polished, grinding non-stick sandpaper, 4 hours after the workpiece can be packaged and delivered, delivery speed increased by more than 10 times!


Pain point 3: high cost of technological transformation

The high cost of technical transformation such as equipment changes, process adjustments, and training oilers is also a major reason why furniture factories are deterred from “oil to water”.

In view of the pain point of high cost of technological transformation, first of all, the fast-drying water-based paint adopts a new equipment transformation mode, which perfectly matches the fast-drying coating line, has no VOCs emissions, and successfully passes the environmental impact assessment standard. Secondly, Haisun Training and Technology College was established to train painters in fast-drying waterborne paint technology and train more waterborne paint professionals for manufacturers. Third, the fast trunk line 5G network, Haisun engineers can remotely provide technical service guidance anytime, anywhere.


Who can help furniture factories to quickly and successfully land “oil to water” is the most critical, fast drying water-based paint is the most affordable and effective “oil to water” overall solution.

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