How to solve the yellowing of dyed veneer? Quick drying water-based paint has its own set

Dyeed veneer has the saying of “from nature, better than nature”, dyed veneer has also set off a wave of minimalist and light luxury fashion, becoming the darling of the furniture door industry, but also more popular with the younger generation. The problem of color change behind the beauty of dyed veneer has always plagued manufacturers, and fast-drying water paint has its own set to solve the pain points of dyed veneer, accelerating the development of furniture door enterprises in the direction of light luxury customization.


Strong closure

Through the control of the particle size of the emulsion, the quick-drying water-based paint can quickly penetrate deep into the surface of the substrate, tightly bond with the wood fiber, and form a dense film, so that the substrate cannot absorb the moisture in the lacquer and cause swelling. Good film-forming, delicate and smooth feel of paint film, uniform and flat, strong anti-fouling ability, easy to take care of, good waterproof performance, more durable.


Resistant to yellowing

The yellowing-resistant primer and topcoat of fast-drying water-based paint have good filling, and can completely encapsulate and isolate organic matter such as tannins in the substrate, so that it cannot oxidize and change color with the outside air. It can not only effectively prevent yellowing and discoloration of dyed wood veneer, but also have excellent yellowing resistance of the paint film, so that the problems that plague furniture door enterprises are solved.


3 min dry

The original quick-drying formula of fast-drying water-based paint, combined with the matching fast-drying coating line, can achieve 3 minutes of drying. The fast-drying coating line is different from the UV line on the market, the UV line realizes the drying of the paint film by light curing, and the strong ultraviolet lamp irradiation will inevitably affect the color of the dyed veneer. The fast-drying coating line has a hot air circulation system, which dries quickly without damaging the veneer, and the coating efficiency is high.


Quick-drying water-based paint is a one-component waterborne wood paint that can be directly diluted with tap water, zero organic solvents, zero VOCs emissions, is a real environmentally friendly water-based paint, adds environmental advantages to dyed wood veneer, and adds health to home life!

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